The Archbishops Palace of Pisa

It is with its historic heritage and richness that Pisa lures countless tourists around the world, a history which is substantiated by the many establishments the city is replete with.... The Archbishops Palace of Pisa

The Palazzo dei Cavalieri

The Palazzo dei Cavalieri, also referred to as the Palazzo della Carovana, is a reputed historic edifice located in the homonymous square, namely, Piazza dei Cavalieri (Knights’ Square). This establishment... The Palazzo dei Cavalieri

Palazzo dell’Orologio and Church of Santo Stefano

The Palazzo dei Cavalieri is also valuable, from a tourist point of view, due to its proximity to other two objectives located in the Piazza dei Cavalieri, namely, Palazzo dell’Orologio... Palazzo dell’Orologio and Church of Santo Stefano

Palazzo del Collegio Puteano

Another historic edifice linked to the presence of the Knights of St. Stephen in Pisa refers to the Palazzo del Collegio Puteano. This small palace, though one of the smallest... Palazzo del Collegio Puteano

Palazzo delle Vedove

The Palazzo delle Vedove (Widows’ Palace) borrows its name from the widows of the Medici family who used to live in this edifice and use it, in conjunction with the... Palazzo delle Vedove

Palazzo Gambacorti

Palazzo Gambacorti is yet another historic edifice to increase the tourist rating of Pisa. Built in early 14th century, its first dwellers referred to one of the most influential families... Palazzo Gambacorti

Palazzo Reale

The Royal Palace in Pisa (Palazzo Reale) was built in mid 16th century (1555) upon the order of Cosimo I Medici, the works being supervised by the architect Baccio Bandinelli.... Palazzo Reale

Palazzo Medici

The Medici family is known to have had a tremendous influence on the economic, political and cultural life of Pisa, and one of the historic edifices reminding of their presence... Palazzo Medici

Palazzo Agostini

What is noteworthy about the Palazzo Agostini (also referred to as Palazzo dell’Ussero for reasons to be explained below) is it stands out as one of the few buildings which... Palazzo Agostini

Botanical Garden of Pisa

Its significance as to the natural history aside, the Botanical Garden of Pisa (Orto Botanico di Pisa) is valuable for the city given it is the oldest University Botanical Garden... Botanical Garden of Pisa

Loggia di Banchi

Loggia di Banchi, though not as spectacular as the sundry palaces in Pisa with respect to what the name of the structure calls forth, is a covered building erected in... Loggia di Banchi

University of Pisa

Though less likely to draw tourist curiosity, the University of Pisa is, culturally speaking, the hub of this Tuscan city, the only attitude possible one can have as to this... University of Pisa

Camposanto of Pisa

Last but, undoubtedly, not the least, Camposanto (the Holy Field) is a definite must-see given that this cemetery is deemed one of the most beautiful in the world. Built in... Camposanto of Pisa