From a tourist point of view, a stay in Pisa is all about ticking off the objectives of this Tuscan city. And, given the fact that most of the historic, religious and architectural heritage is virtually clustered into a single spot, namely, the historic center of Pisa, certain ways of getting around in Pisa may prove to be more adequate than others.

Getting around Pisa By car

Naturally, those who want to explore Pisa – both the city and the province – at their own pace should opt for a car, either for their personal vehicle or for a rented car. Cars for rent are available at the International Galileo Galilei Airport of Pisa, were more than 10 car rental companies operate. Either way, one aspect all tourists getting around by car should keep in mind is that most of the historic center of Pisa is out of reach if opting for a car, given the center is under the ZTL (Limited Traffic Zone) restrictions, only public transportation means and resident and authorized vehicles being able to gain access to this area. However, if they still opt for a car despite such limitations, they should rest assured: there are plenty of free parking spaces in Pisa, as well as paid parking lots – depending on the location of these spaces. In order to continue their trip to the historic center after parking their vehicles, tourists may either head for a short walk or for a trip with the local buses.

Getting around Pisa By bus

Buses are said to be the most convenient means of transport within Pisa, shuttling their passengers both to the historic center and to virtually all around the city of Pisa. Most useful seem to be the so called LAM Rossa, linking the airport and the central station to the historic center. Acquiring bus tickets is extremely simple, all busses being fitted with ticket machines.

Pisa By motorcycle

Unlike tourists choosing to get around by car, those who opt for a motorcycle have enhanced chances of moving freely all around the city, given that there are no restriction concerning enthusiasts of such vehicles. Motorcycling is furthermore enhanced by the fact that there are several motorcycle hire companies in and nearby Pisa.

Pisa By bicycle

An increasingly popular way of exploring Pisa and its surroundings refers to cycling, which is no surprise since the city features a fine cycling infrastructure intended for the exclusive use of cyclists, and that there are quite a few bike renting companies in Pisa. This means of transportation comes with its inherent benefits, not to mention that those riding bikes do not come across the restrictions drivers have to face in Pisa.

Getting around Pisa by foot

Though Pisa is not quite the smallest tourist destination, it is, however, coverable in foot, at least as far as its historic center is concerned. And, indeed, more or less extensive strolls might prove to be worth taking since one can always check better and more adequately the generous tourist offer of Pisa on foot.

Rent a car

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