Unlike other major European cities, Pisa is far from being the most sparkling venue when it comes to nightlife opportunities. Yet, given the fact that Pisa is a university city and that students represent a consistent percentage of the population, a fairly solid buzz takes hold of certain parts of Pisa at night, especially nearby the University. Students, are, as it were, the most reliable barometer as to the places fitted for drinking, making conversation and, why not, dancing and listening to live music. Thus, Pisa hosts a reasonable number of pubs, bars and clubs which yield mild and yet appealing nightlife opportunities.

Nightlife on Via Lungarno

Tourists with a penchant for long conversations, drinking and dancing may find the center of the city to be the best fitted for their nighttime activities. Via Lungarno is a thoroughfare in terms of nightlife venues, the old Caffe dell’Ussero (Lungarno Pacinotti 27, Pisa, Italy) being located here for the thrill of visitors and students alike. The nearby Bazeel pub (Lungarno Pacinotti 1, Pisa, Italy) is yet another popular pub on this street, just like San Blas (Lungarno Galilei 30, Pisa, Italy), Mediceo (Lungarno Mediceo 53, Pisa, Italy) and Amaltea (Lungarno Mediceo 49, Pisa, Italy). All these places offer good music, a fine selection of drinks and, why not, quick snacks in the early hours of the evening.

Other recommendable venues in the city of Pisa refer to Pick a Flower (Via Della Sapienza 7, Pisa, Italy) and to the Free Club (Via Vagelli 11, Pisa, Italy), though tourists should always want to check what Bodega (Via Del Borghetto 114, Pisa, Italy), Bulldog’s Pub (Corso Principe Amedeo 21, Pisa, Italy) and the Borderline Club (Via G. Vernaccini 7, Pisa, Italy) have to offer. A truly special presence in Pisa is yielded by Club Dr. Jazz (Via A. Vespucci 10, Pisa, Italy) which organizes thematic music and dance nights, as well as live concerts on weekends. Teatro Verdi (Via Palestro 40, Pisa, Italy) is yet another option, and this venue hosts both opera and theater representations, which is always a tempting and pleasant manner of spending evenings for enthusiasts of this kind of performances.

Nightlife at Tirrenia, Viareggio and Marina di Pisa

With respect to Pisa and its nightlife, a further aspect is worth mentioning, namely, during summer nighttime buzz seems to shift from the capital of the province to the nearby coastline resorts, such as Tirrenia, Viareggio and Marina di Pisa. If accommodated in Pisa, a trip to one of these resorts is worth making, if for nothing else, than for sampling the wonderful nightlife opportunities they put forward.

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