Cathedral of Pisa - Duomo

The Pisa Cathedral – or Dome, as it is often referred to – is symbolic for what Pisa offers in terms of religious establishments. However, more or less unjustifiably, this... Cathedral of Pisa - Duomo

Baptistery of Saint John

Close to the Pisa Cathedral there is another eye catching religious landmark, namely, the Baptistery of Saint John (Battistero di San Giovanni), briefly, the Baptistery, the construction of which began... Baptistery of Saint John

Santa Maria della Spina Church

Santa Maria della Spina, originally referred to as Santa Maria di Pontenovo, is yet another noteworthy religious landmark the main merit of which referring to the fact that the church... Santa Maria della Spina Church

Church of the Holy Sepulcher

The Church of the Holy Sepulcher (Chiesa del Santo Sepolcro) or, briefly, Santo Sepolcro, shares with the Baptistery the same architect, namely, Diotisalvi, but, unlike the later, it does not... Church of the Holy Sepulcher

San Francesco Church

The San Francesco Church is first mentioned in the 1230s, though it became a noteworthy presence as to religious establishments only beginning with 1261, when restoration works were initiated by... San Francesco Church

San Paolo a Ripa d'Arno Church

San Paolo a Ripa d’Arno – also referred to as the old cathedral (duomo vecchio) – is one of the oldest religious establishments in Pisa, historic mentions being made as... San Paolo a Ripa d'Arno Church

Church of Santa Catarina

It is between the mid 13th century and the beginning of the 14th century that the Church of Santa Catarina was built for the intended use of the Dominicans. Its... Church of Santa Catarina

Church of San Zeno

Yet another noteworthy religious establishment refers to the Church of San Zeno which, originally (during the 11th century) pertained to an abbey. However, the 12th century saw the church hosting... Church of San Zeno

Church of San Nicola

The Church of San Nicola is, just like many other religious establishments, first mentioned during the 11th century, having been built by the Augustinian monks, and its history links the... Church of San Nicola

San Pietro in Vinculis

San Pietro in Vinculis (meaning Saint Peter in Chains), built, just like the Church of San Nicola, by the Augustinian monks, features the same architectural elements characteristic of the Romanesque... San Pietro in Vinculis

Church San Piero a Grado

Furthermore, the Church San Piero a Grado and the Parish Church, both located in the nearby town of Calci, also make a fine daytrip destination, given that both substantiate the... Church San Piero a Grado

Other churches in Pisa

Other noteworthy presences in terms of religious establishments refer to the Church of San Martino, to San Ferdiano (Via San Lorenzo, Pisa, Italy), San Sisto and to Santo Stefano di... Other churches in Pisa