Tirrenia (located in the province of Pisa) is, by far, one of the most appealing destinations in terms of daytrips from the city of Pisa, though one may state this... Tirrenia


Lucca (the city and the province alike) is yet another noteworthy attraction nearby Pisa – located northeastwards from the capital of the Province of Pisa – and, despite the historic... Lucca


An extremely appealing presence in Tuscany is yielded by the small town of Volterra (pertaining to the province of Pisa) which, despite its seclusion, manages to amass a huge tourist... Volterra

San Gimignano - Siena

Just as the nearby Volterra, San Gimignano (pertaining to the province of Siena) has Etruscan origins and it is also a jewel of well preserved medieval architecture in Tuscany, which... San Gimignano - Siena

San Giuliano Terme

Only 7 kilometers northeastwards from the city of Pisa and pertaining to the homonymous province, San Giuliano Terme is one of the best destinations in Tuscany to feature a fine... San Giuliano Terme

San Miniato

San Miniato (located in the province of Pisa) has long been dubbed the City of White Truffle, which is enough for drawing the curiosity of dainty feeders in search of... San Miniato


Only about 8 kilometers northeastwards from the city of Florence – and pertaining to the Florentine province – there is the town of Fiesole, a typical Tuscan town which chiefly... Fiesole

Prato - Pistoia - Carrara

Prato Besides the city and the province of Lucca as such, northern Tuscany also features some other cities and provinces which can be deemed tourist destinations in their own... Prato - Pistoia - Carrara


The northern Tuscan Riviera is dominated, by far, by Viareggio, an elegant and modern seaside resort which is conveniently close to Pisa (only 20 kilometers northwards from the International Galileo... Viareggio