Only 7 kilometers northeastwards from the city of Pisa and pertaining to the homonymous province, San Giuliano Terme is one of the best destinations in Tuscany to feature a fine infrastructure intended for health and relaxation tourism. Its close location as compared to Florence or Lucca and its advantageous geographical position within the Monte Pisani area render San Giuliano Terme extremely accessible from the major Tuscan hotspots and, simultaneously, turn this commune into a fine starting point for exploring the Province of Pisa in particular and Tuscany in general, both with respect to their architectural-historic richness and to their natural assets. Yet, the inner value of San Giuliano Terme refers to the virtues of its thermal waters ascertained as to their curing and relaxing potency from ancient Roman times.

Most historic references to this commune are made in relation to Pisa; yet, nowadays San Giuliano Terme is a tourist destination in its own right, its connections to the major infrastructural hubs of Tuscany being regarded as benefits from the point of view of its accessibility. The thermal bats in San Giuliano Terme have been popular with and treasured by countless historic and cultural figures, such as Countess Matilde Canossa, the Medici and the Lorena families, Carlo III and Gustavo III (both kings of Sweden), Shelley and Byron and Giacomo Puccini. Besides the thermal baths as such, other attractions featured by San Giuliano Terme refer to the Church of St. Ranieri and St. Luigi, Villa Roncioni, Villa Di Corliano, Villa Agnano, and Villa Buoninsegni, not to mention the Palazzo delle Terme as such.