Next to the Amerigo Vespucci Airport pertaining to the city of Florence, the other major Tuscan airport refers to the Galileo Galilei International Airport of Pisa, these two servicing excellently the tourist platform of Tuscany. The latter is located only 1 kilometer southwards from the center of Pisa, and some 80 kilometers from Florence. Due to its fine location on the very solid road infrastructure of Tuscany and adding the excellent public transportation system operating in this region of Italy, the Airport makes available easy access to Florence, Siena, Lucca, Viareggio, and Livorno, its connection to Pisa going without saying. These distances can be covered by car, by taxi, by train or by buss, car hire operators – 11 of them – as well as buss and train stations being located either in the airport as such or close to it, respectively, only a few meters from the passenger terminal.

The Pisa International Airport features a wide variety of amenities ranging from facilities for disabled people or for people with reduced mobility – in view of facilitating their access to and in the precincts of the airport – to excellent parking lots categorized according to the length of the parking duration and to the category of people using them. Furthermore, the airport features numerous restaurants and bars offering tourists either the opportunity to enjoy rich meals proper or to grab quick snacks, or, why not, to benefit from a mere coffee or a refreshment. These venues are located both on the ground floor and on the first floor of the airport. A shopping center and a beauty care center, the latter being located on the first floor are also hosted by the Airport. The first floor also hosts a pharmacy and a bank. However, the airport seems to be as comprehensive enough as to host, in addition, a chapel, a dance school and a car wash, as well as a post office and one currency exchange office. Access to the Internet is also available in the Pisa International Airport. People featuring VIP membership are provided with further facilities. Adding the fact that the airport is serviced by 18 airlines summing up more than 400 weekly flights to about 60 national and international cities, one can easily understand the proficiency of this establishment and its chiefdom as far as business and leisure tourism is concerned in Tuscany.

Pisa Airport
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