Car Rental Pisa

Getting to or getting around in Pisa by car seems to be one of the best alternatives as far as tourists wanting to explore the city at their own pace are concerned. Despite the limitations of this alternative – mainly, the ZTL (Limited Traffic Zone) restrictions enforced on most of the historic center of Pisa – cars are excellent for searching out the entire Province of Pisa. Personal vehicles aside, tourists have a single possibility if they want to resort to a car in view of getting around in Pisa, namely, to rent one.

Pisa is well fitted in this respect, the main car rental hub of the city being the International Galileo Galilei Airport. The combination between airline services and car rental services seems to be quite inspired, since tourists have the chance of getting off the plane and jumping right into a car, without too much trouble. Car rental operators are located in the Car Rental Terminal directly linked to the Airport by a shuttle bus, and given the fact that there are 11 care rental companies operating in this terminal, one might say that in terms of car rental, their options are virtually unlimited. Besides car rental as such, certain companies complement their services by providing clients the possibility to also rent a driver (Sixt, Europcar and Liberty Rent International) or, why not, to by a used car (Avis, EasyCar and Europcar). Other care rental companies refer to Auto Europe, Budget, Hertz, Maggiore, Thrifty and Locauto. The car park of these companies sum up to more than 1500 vehicles, but despite this abundance of cars, tourists are advised to book a car in a timely manner in order to both make sure they do get a car and to ease the procedure.

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