Shopping on Borgo Stretto and Corso Italia

Sightseeing aside, Pisa also makes a fine destination from a shopper’s point of view. Besides souvenirs as such – the tourist hotspots of Pisa being replete with souvenir shops and stalls – other products on sale range from fine leather and wool items, traditional Tuscan foodstuffs and wines to jewels, designers’ clothes and, occasionally, furniture. There are two main thoroughfares in Pisa in terms of shopping, and they refer to the Via Borgo Stretto and to Corso Italia. The shops stretching along Corso Italia do not pertain to an exclusive category, but they are rather miscellaneous. The same holds true about Via Borgo Stretto, though, unlike Corso Italia, Borgo features more opportunities in terms of fashion products shopping. Another shopping thoroughfare refers to Via Oberdan, the highlights of which are represented by the so-called Bianco Nero and by Emporio Armani.

Open Market at Piazza dei Cavalieri

But Pisa is also famous for its Piazza dei Cavalieri which, besides hosting some of the most notable landmarks in the city, is also the place where a monthly open air market is held (more precisely, each second weekend of the month, except for July and August when, given the high temperatures and draught, shopping does not make such a perfect tourist activity). This market is referred to as the Antiques Market (Fiera dell'Antiquariato) and it is famous in the entire Italy given that Pisa has made a reputation by its furniture manufacturing and shops, the products of which are proudly displayed here. Other products are also put on sale at this market.

Shopping at Marina di Pisa

The Marina di Pisa Market makes also a good shopping opportunity, this market being chiefly dominated by the sale of second hand clothing and sundry trifles. Furthermore, Via Buonarroti also hosts a market each Wednesday and Saturday, these events consisting of garage sale-like activities putting forward a miscellaneous range of items, clothes included. The bottom line is visitors of Pisa have plenty of opportunities of filling in the time when not busy with sightseeing, and shopping makes a good alternative in this respect, offering both to budget travelers and to those who afford to splurge the occasion of diversifying their stay in Pisa.

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