Another historic edifice linked to the presence of the Knights of St. Stephen in Pisa refers to the Palazzo del Collegio Puteano. This small palace, though one of the smallest objectives in the Piazza dei Cavalieri, is invaluable due to the fact its original form – realized between 1549 and 1598 – heavily and visibly marked by the Renaissance architectural style has remained unaltered until the present, except for a few additions brought in early 17th century consisting of certain allegoric frescoes owed to Giovanni Stefano Marucelli.

For more than 3 centuries, the Palace had been used by the Knights of St. Stephen, a benefit they enjoyed upon the order of Carlo Antonio Dal Pozzo from the name of whom the name of the college derived. Given that in 1925 the religious order was dissolved, the college was closed, but it was soon reopened (in 1930) for the use of the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa. Taking into consideration the Palazzo del Collegio is located in the same Piazza dei Cavalieri – which, from a tourist point of view, seems to be a genuine hotspot – one can always tick off this edifice in view a making a complete impression of Pisa.

Palazzo del Collegio Puteano
Piazza dei Cavalieri, Pisa, Italy