The Palazzo delle Vedove (Widows’ Palace) borrows its name from the widows of the Medici family who used to live in this edifice and use it, in conjunction with the covered passage linking the palace to the Torre De Cantone and, finally, to the Church of San Nicola, in view of attending the Masses without walking on the streets with the common folk.

However, this only happened as from the 16th century, whereas the building dates back to the 12th century, when its construction began. Beginning with the 14th century, the palace had been the residence of the Bocci family. Some of the original decorative and structural elements of the building are still visible today – the most notable are the mullioned windows – but, nevertheless, the establishment is valuable by force of its connection to the Medici family and by its historic charge.

Palazzo delle Vedove
Via Santa Maria and Via Trento, Pisa, Italy