What is noteworthy about the Palazzo Agostini (also referred to as Palazzo dell’Ussero for reasons to be explained below) is it stands out as one of the few buildings which have managed to preserve best their original medieval Gothic structure and dash. Originally, the palace belonged to the Astai family, but in late 15th century it was bought by the Agostini family. An interesting feature of the nowadays structure is it initially consisted of three separate buildings subsequently massed into a single unitary construction. The palace is dubbed Palazzo dell’Ussero given that a famous coffee shop, namely, Café dell’Ussero opened in early 19th century at the ground floor of the palace and due to its reputation as favorite meeting point of artists and intellectuals – such as Leopardi, Byron, Shelley or Mazzini – and students alike.

Palazzo Agostini
Lungarno Pacinotti 27, Pisa, Italy