Last but, undoubtedly, not the least, Camposanto (the Holy Field) is a definite must-see given that this cemetery is deemed one of the most beautiful in the world. Built in the 1270s, it is supposed to have been constructed with holly soil brought from Palestine by the crusaders in Pisa, though some consider this information is more of a legendary detail than a historic and verifiable data. All in all, despite the fact that Camposanto had underwent difficult moment during World War Two, the bombing destroying much of the frescoes which used to embellish the wall surrounding this structure, Camposanto is still able to make one of the most interesting landmarks in Pisa, being located only a short distance northwards from the Pisa Cathedral. Nowadays, Museo della Sinopie is the one to host the preliminary sketches of the frescoes destroyed in 1944 found subsequently to the bombing.

Piazza del Duomo, Pisa, Italy
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