The Palazzo dei Cavalieri is also valuable, from a tourist point of view, due to its proximity to other two objectives located in the Piazza dei Cavalieri, namely, Palazzo dell’Orologio and the Church of Santo Stefano, both of these having been designed by the same Georgio Vasari.

The Palazzo dell’Orologio is a must-see objective given it stands out as the result of an ingenious architectural project of Vasari which had to combine into a conjunct building two preexisting constructions, namely, two towers: Torre delle Sette Vie and Torre della Fame (meaning Tower of Hunger, also referred to as the Torre or Palazzetto dei Gualandi). The latter of these two towers is particularly interesting as to its history pegged out by the sufferance of the so-called Count Ugolino and his family told by Dante in his Divine Comedy. All in all, the Palazzo dell’Orologio is one historic edifice no visitor of Pisa should overlook.

Palazzo dell’Orologio
Piazza dei Cavalieri, Pisa, Italy