Loggia di Banchi, though not as spectacular as the sundry palaces in Pisa with respect to what the name of the structure calls forth, is a covered building erected in early 17th century upon the order of one of the Grand Dukes of Pisa, namely, Ferdinando I, and designed by a Florentine architect, that is, Bernardo Buontalenti. The purpose of this loggia was of sheltering the trade activity in the city, thus yielding one of the main commercial hubs of Pisa. The upper floor of the loggia was added later, and it now hosts a part of the state archives. In addition, the ground floor of this loggia was given back its original commercial role subsequently to a period when this activity was interrupted. This loggia is located to the cross point of three thoroughfares, namely, Via S. Martino, Via del Carmine and Via Toselli.