The Royal Palace in Pisa (Palazzo Reale) was built in mid 16th century (1555) upon the order of Cosimo I Medici, the works being supervised by the architect Baccio Bandinelli. Countless historic figures have lived or have occasionally stopped to this palace on their trips around Europe, such as, obviously, the Medici family, princess Cristina Lorena and Margherita d’Orleans, not to mention Vittoria della Rovere, the widow of Ferdinand II, Galileo Galilei and Francesco Redi.

The House of Savoy is also known to have lived in this palace which, for that matter, was the favorite residence of all of the Grand Dukes of Tuscany. Architecturally speaking, the building is rather austere, featuring virtually no decorations, but it is, nevertheless, impressive by its dimensions and sobriety. Nowadays, the palace hosts the Royal Palace Museum (Museo Nazionale di Palazzo Reale) which is worth visiting given the sundry collections it exhibits.

Palazzo Reale
Antonio Pacinotti Lungarno 46, Pisa, Italy