The Medici family is known to have had a tremendous influence on the economic, political and cultural life of Pisa, and one of the historic edifices reminding of their presence in this Tuscan city is the Palazzo Medici. Until the 15th century, this establishment used to belong to the Appiano family who had the political power over Pisa in late 14th century.

Yet, though the palace was built in the 13th century as a structure superimposed on some preexisting structure, and restored in the subsequent period, its significant historic moments are related to the rule of the Medici family, namely, beginning with the 15th century. This imposing structure impresses by its dimensions and by its sobriety pegged out by arcades sustained by pillars and by its façade featuring double-arched and triple-arched windows conceived as a solution of softening the rough Gothic dash of the building in 1871, under the supervision of Ranieri Simonelli. A crenellated tower has also been added to this structure in late 19th century. Nowadays, the Palazzo Medici hosts the Prefecture of Pisa.

Palazzo Medici
Via Lungarno Medici, Pisa, Italy