1. Hotel Green Park Resort Pisa
At the Green Park Resort, the beauty of nature and the art of hospitality unite to provide you with a holiday dedicated to wellness. The blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea, five hectares of green woodlands, and a pristine beach with its rolling dunes of fine-grain sand create the ideal harmony for a timeless holiday. The double rooms and elegant suites are both spacious and comfortable. The pleasures of interior design, precious materials, and a keen attention to detail create an atmosphere which is both refined and comforting. Wrought-iron canopy beds, hardwood floors, fully stocked marble baths, and all of the latest technology bear the mark of quiet luxury.
Via Dei Tulipani, 1 - 56018 Tirrenia (Pisa)
(+39) 050 31 35 71 1
(+39) 050 38 41 38

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