1. Hotel Medusa Pisa
There's a place, where you don't need of words to make yourself understood, of comparisons to feel that you are well, of strong sensations to get excited. One day after the other, you'll discover a holiday, in a comfortable and careful Hotel remembering to you, familiarly, a world that you feel finally as yours. It doesn't exist a similar place with such a nature. A walk, a bathe and then to sit down at table for eating good things. You can do all or do nothing, because each moment of your holiday will be a different experience, but an unforgettable one as well. Welcome to Hotel Medusa, welcome home...
Via Degli Oleandri, 37 - 56018 Tirrenia (Pisa)
(+39) 050 37 16 2
(+39) 050 30 40 0

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