Michele Guest House

Bed & Breakfast Michele Guest House Pisa

Address: Via Amerigo Vespucci, 103

In the heart of Pisa, in a peaceful environment, only 100 metres from the Central Station and only 800 metres from Pisa%uFFFDs International Airport Pisa %uFFFDGalileo Galilei%uFFFD, is situated %uFFFDMichele Guest House%uFFFD, a completely furnished two apartments that offers six bedrooms, throughout the year. Pisa is an important city and a railway node of primary importance....

Michele S Tuscany Gallery

Bed & Breakfast Michele S Tuscany Gallery Pisa

Address: Via Amerigo Vespucci, 96

Micheletti Nicola

Bed & Breakfast Micheletti Nicola Pisa

Address: Lungarno Guadalongo, 99

Milone Rosalia

Bed & Breakfast Milone Rosalia Pisa

Address: Via Contessa Matilde, 32


Bed & Breakfast Paradisa Pisa

Address: Via Paradisa, 5

Pattaro Silvana

Bed & Breakfast Pattaro Silvana Pisa

Address: Via Carlo Salomone Cammeo, 55

Relais Dei Fiori 1 Piano

Bed & Breakfast Relais Dei Fiori 1 Piano Pisa

Address: Via Giosurerel Carducci, 37

Relais Dell Ussero

Bed & Breakfast Relais Dell Ussero Pisa

Address: Lungarno Antonio Pacinotti, 26

The Relais dell%uFFFD Ussero is on the right bank of the River Arno between the Ponte di Mezzo and Ponte Solferino bridges, in the historical centre of Pisa and the oldest part of town. The Palazzo della Sapienza and Palazzo del Rettorato of the University are 30 metres away, Piazza dei Cavalieri, where we find...

Repollino Crocifissa

Bed & Breakfast Repollino Crocifissa Pisa

Address: Via Santa Marta, 57

Resort Villa Primavera

Bed & Breakfast Resort Villa Primavera Pisa

Address: Via Bonanno Pisano, 28

The Villa Primavera Resort, which is also run by the same family, is located just a short distance from the Hotel. The Resort offers the same levels of comfort as the Hotel, and has been decorated with similar elegance and refinement. The warm, courteous welcome guests receive at the Hotel is replicated at the Resort,...

Rinaldi Antonietta

Bed & Breakfast Rinaldi Antonietta Pisa

Address: Vicolo del Ruschi, 7

Rocca Mariantonia

Bed & Breakfast Rocca Mariantonia Pisa

Address: Via Pungilupo, 18