The National Museum of Calculation Instruments (Museo Nazionale degli Strumenti per il Calcolo) comprises a collection consisting of more than 2000 items, the highlights of which refer to a pneumatic machine having belonged to Van Muschenbroek and to a compass allegedly having pertained to Galileo Galilei. The exhibits concern various fields of scientific knowledge, such as optics, mechanics, electronics, acoustics, electromagnetism, astronomy and so on, dating as back as to the 17th century. The museum is located nearby the center of the city and it was opened in 1989 first as a scientific instruments preservation and study center upon the initiative of the Department of Experimental Physics of the University of Pisa.

Museo Nazionale degli Strumenti per il Calcolo
Via Nicola Pisano 25, Pisa, Italy
Telephone number:
0039 (0)50 221 521