Built in 1555 in view of hosting the reputed Medici family, the Royal Palace has been thought of as the perfect residence for the royalties and nobility visiting or living in Pisa, such as the already mentioned Medici family and the House Savoy, and now it houses the Royal Palace Museum (Museo Nazionale di Palazzo Reale). Some of the most notable guests of this palace were Galileo Galilei and Francesco Redi, so one can easily state that these features by themselves can draw the interest of possible visitors.

However, the palace has further assets to capitalize, such as the main building and its dependencies, as well as the belongings of the families who had resided in this place, ranging from furniture and tapestries to armors and works of art (portraits and other paintings) created by Rafael, Antonio Canova or Rosso Fiorentino, just to cite a few.

Museo Nazionale di Palazzo Reale
Antonio Pacinotti Lungarno 46, Pisa, Italy