The National Museum of St. Matthew (Museo Nazionale di San Matteo) hosted in the establishment of a former Benedictine convent dissolved in 1866 lies on the bank of River Arno, close to the Ponte Fortezza, and its pride resides in the fact that it hosts the most valuable collection of works of art – paintings and sculptures alike – in Pisa.

Some may find themselves discontent with the way the exhibits are managed as to their emplacement and to the general lighting of the place, but the value of the items housed by the National Museum can not be questioned. Thus, some of the masterpieces date back to the 12th century, whereas the collection also comprised items from the 13th, 14th century and even more recent artistic products. The highlights of the museum refer to certain originals brought from the Baptistery, such as the statues of Giovanni Pisano, or claimed from the Church of Santa Maria della Spina, such as Nino Pisano’s Madonna del Latte. Extremely eye catching for the connoisseurs are the Simone Martini’s Virgin and Child with Saints, Masaccio’s St Paul, Gentile de Fabriano’s Madonna dell’Umilita and Donatello’s Bust of St. Rossone. Fra Angelico’s Madonna con Bambino must also be cited as a pride of this museum.

Museo Nazionale di San Matteo
Lungarno Mediceo, Piazza San Matteo 1, Pisa, Italy
Telephone number:
0039 (0)50 565 047